“Jerri Corgiat writes beautiful prose, interesting and flawed characters and plots that wind you through her story lines. You’ll love…this talented women’s fiction writer!”

–Kathryn Shay, New York Times Bestselling Author 

Published in 2016 ♥ The final installment of LOVE FINDS A HOME


“If a reader is very lucky, sometimes (an) author will come on the scene and steal her heart… Jerri Corgiat is that kind of author…”

Affaire de Coeur


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The first five books of the Love Finds a Home series were originally published by NAL, a division of then Penguin Putnam, between 2004 and 2007. The final book of that series, My Heart Finds Home, is new in 2016.

For previous readers of the original five, you may notice a few differences. I’ve eliminated graphic lovemaking and more extreme curse words. From my interpretation of “heat” levels, my books are mild edging into moderate, and subtle edging into warm.

This was a decision made not out of morality but to fit my original concept for this series, which emphasizes the roller-coaster feelings a woman and man experience falling in love, while also tracing their journeys as they work through sometimes troubling issues involving their pasts, trust, family, diversity, acceptance, and faith.

They’re often considered a blend of Women’s Fiction and Romance, and each story can stand on its own. I hope you’ll give them a try, but whether you do or not, I appreciate your visit!